Writing Good Content for your website or blog

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How can I get started writing good content for my website or Blog?

Writing good content for your website or blog doesn’t have to be a chore. If you have chosen a niche that interests you then you most likely know a lot about your subject already.

The hardest part is coming up with even more good content when you think you have already covered all you know in your first few posts. I like to try and break my content down in to smaller sections or sub groups. This is how I like to write my content in my explanation below.

Selecting a topic and getting ideas for writing good content.

A lot of these ideas will go completely against how you have been taught to write in the past. If you try this method you will find that you can get a lot more  positive writing done with out the distractions of trying to be neat or correct.

  • Firstly I like to select something specific to my niche that I would like to discuss or share information about. And then I write down some possible headings. After that my next step is to find  some related key words to incorporate into my post using my headings as a seed word. (finding relevant keywords)
  • I try not to get bogged down on any one subject or heading, and if I do its time to stop and have a break or just go on to the next one as i can always come back later.
  • I try to make subtopics that I can address individually
  • My first step to writing good content is to open a note pad or a word processor document and type in my Idea for a main heading incorporating my new keyword. After that I write down some relevant sub headings for my post and space them a few lines apart.
  • I often do some research on my topic by searching and reading other peoples point of view. This can include searching for blogs, watching a YouTube video or even reading a book or magazine on the subject and jotting down ideas.    
  • I Do not ever copy and paste other peoples text directly into my posts as this will get certainly get me into trouble with copy right or duplicate content on google.
  • After I have my subheadings  in place it’s time to start typing down my thoughts. I try to write my ideas as if I am talking to someone new that is listening to me and then try to explain as simply as possible what they need to know about the subject. (try to think of a question someone might ask you about your niche and answer it as your post.)
  • At this stage of writing I make no attempt to correct my spelling or pronunciation and just keep my ideas flowing on to computer. Use of spaces between words does make it easier to decipher my thoughts when it comes time for editing but even then it doesn’t really matter.
  • Here is a link to my raw version of this post to give you an idea how it works. Just click here to view it Getting Started writing good content draft

Leaving spaces

Leaving a space between each line of typing is important and makes it easier when editing and formatting. I can also add alternative words in this space as i go . I also use a different font color to start with in my document as this makes it much easier when retyping and correcting mistakes.

Writers block

Sometimes I get writers block (I am sure you do to). To stop myself procrastinating I have found the use of (—–) or (*****) as a substitute word or phrase  is an easy solution. This helps me to keep writing quickly and my idea flowing on to the page before i lose it from my train of thought.

This works well when I cant come up with my ideal word or idea at the time. This can always be edited and added to later. If my idea’s start to run out or I feel like my sentences are getting long winded it’s time for me to stop for a break.

Take a break

My own personal line of attack in my writing at this point is to take a break save the document and go off and finish the dishes or do some gardening, you might like to read a book or go shopping whatever, as we all need to take some time out when the mental juices slow down and our brains feel like they might fry from overload.


After my time out or extended break it is time to re-open the document and copy it. This time I then make a temporary folder and save both copies into a new folder.

After closing the original document I go into the duplicate and  I change the font color to black. Then it is time to start making corrections by rewriting the text in the space under or above the original text in black .

(It’s a personal choice as to how you do it) but it helps me to keep my original ideas separate as a reference until it is finished. I some times add more good content or remove some that doesn’t really make sense to the reader and try to make my article as interesting as and as informative as possible.

Adding key words to an article for SEO

A lot of people often do keyword research after they have finished their article or blog post then try to rewrite and incorporate these words or phrases  into to the body of their text.

This is often very difficult to do with out changing the meaning of the text and when writing good content we need to be able to convey our message with out confusing  the reader.

I  try to word my heading with my main key word for each post this way it can be incorporated through out the body of the text in a natural way and not be seen to be out of place in the article.(The main keyword for this post is “writing good content”)

Publishing my content to my website or blog.

After doing my initial rewriting and formatting in my word processor program it is time to publish it to my website.  I can do this several different ways the easiest and quickest is to just copy and paste it directly into a new page.

But what i like to do is check on line that I do not have any duplicate content in my article. There are various websites that you can use on line and some programs you can buy do do this but they either very expensive  or very time consuming. I like to use a tool called Site Site content it is (the ultimate writing platform)

It is actually part of a suit of tools called SiteRubix and is the main tool I use to check for duplicate content.

SiteRubix is a free complete website building tool that is part of a platform which I also use and it is called called Wealthy Affiliate .

I use this platform to help me build very functional websites. Wealthy Affiliate is also a complete learning platform with lessons and on line help.

I just copy and paste my article into my site content manager and it does its magic and double checks for spelling and other errors . Once it has checked for errors and I have  corrected any mistakes by using its choices I can click on the post to page button.

My “Site content manager” then goes on line and does some more of its background magic by making  sure that none of my content is duplicated any where on the internet .If it finds duplicate content this will be highlighted and i can make changes and try again.

Once my Site manager has finished its check  and all is good my post is automatically published to my website and I can then go into my word press editor and start adding images and making it look better.

If you have any questions or need any help with writing good content  then please leave me a message in the comments below.


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