Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2018- Learn and Earn from Home

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Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive learning platform where you can learn and earn from home at your own pace and in your own time. In this Wealthy Affiliate review for 2018 I will be outlining the up to date training and resources available to free and Premium members.

If you don’t know anything about on line marketing or affiliate marketing there is no problem as the first part of the course is absolutely free and explains in simple English how it all works and you get to try all of the premium resources for the first 7 days to have a good look around and ask also questions to other members.

You can do all of the free  lessons and you also get to build two free websites and join in the community chat to ask any questions you like about the program from other users. If you do not wish to continue you can still use the free version of the program.

A Brief Rundown of my Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2018

  • Name of Business: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Owners :Kyle and Carson
  • Main website URL: wealthy affiliate
  • On line training: Free and paid
  • Free website builder
  • Free Website hosting
  • Free WordPress  training
  • Free advanced keyword tool
  • Free technical website support 24/7
  • No Up-sells after joining Premium version
  • Premium version is $49.00 US a month or a discounted amount of $359.00US for yearly.
  • 24 hour access through live chat to Expert members including Kyle and Carson to ask any questions about the program
  • Comprehensive and easy to understand training videos, as well as an easy to read text format with screen shots so you can learn and completely understand each step.
  • Check list for each lesson so you can evaluate your understanding of each stage and gain member points as you proceed through the course
  • Ability to go back through any section of the course if you have the need to do so
  • The ability to use live chat to ask experienced members for help as you go.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

  • Training starts with the first course which has10 free sections.
  • During signing up for the free program you are asked to make a free account where you set up your profile and account details and create a user name and log in password for your account. You will also receive a confirmation email from Wealthy Affiliate to your email account which you have to click on a link to be verified for the sign up process.
  • After making your free account and verifying it, you can then log in to the program with your user name and password you created.
  • You will then be presented with a screen similar to this below.
  • wealthy AffiliateScreen shot
  • Here is a Quick walk through video below I started explaining the prices at the end but had forgotten to write them down you will find them below the video.
  • If you try the program and decide it is for you and purchase within the first 7 days you will automatically get the first month at a discount for $— then it is only $49.00 US a month after that or only $359.00 US a year if you go for a yearly subscription.
  • After signing up for premium you will get access to all of the lessons including classrooms where you can learn much more.

My Personal Experience with wealthy affiliate

I have dabbled in internet marketing since 2011. Since starting my journey to learn and earn from home I have tried various programs and platforms and bought numerous amounts of different PDF’s about marketing and other peoples “guaranteed systems to make $1000s in 5 days etc” and none of these worked for me. I have learnt a lot since then but it has been an uphill battle struggling to put all of the pieces together.

One of the platforms I tried about 7 years ago wasn’t too bad but it had up-sells if I wanted to learn more then I had to pay extra. Then I had to buy hosting and domain names which I had to then learn how to set up and point the names servers to my hosting platform and learn how to install word press and learn all of the back end of word press and how to upload files to the server  and change file paths  and so on.

With Wealthy Affiliate  you can easily do all of this with a few mouse clicks and filling out some details in a form with their siterubix  website builder.

I now know that they were extremely overpriced for what I received back then especially with no back up or community support. This particular platform was lacking very badly in actual support and they sometimes took up to a week to answer a simple email about a simple problem.

There was no technical support for the sites I built and I had to rely on limited help from my hosting company if I accidentally broke something in the code etc I usually had to go on line into word press forums and ask for answers or pay someone to come in by remote control and fix it for me at a price and It was a basically a nightmare.

What I was looking for was how to start an online business with no money (or very little money) as I was now completely broke. When searching again on Google and finding lots of scams subscribing to peoples emails  only to find they were also just trying to sell me get rich quick rubbish, I stumbled on a review site for Wealthy Affiliate

I read a few more reviews and decided to try out the free version as i had nothing to lose except to maybe get more junk mail in my inbox. I had a site up and running in about the second day but I didn’t get the chance to try out the premium as my life took a different turn.

Fast forward 4 years after trying to still do it on my own and only making small amounts of commissions and still not having all of the pieces of the jigsaw I found Wealthy Affiliate again.

I was a bit skeptical  because the pricing had not changed in four years and I thought that it would probably be stale and run down and just going on auto pilot like the last platform I had tried .

I was completely amazed when I made a new account and tried the free training again. It had changed a lot and it was all updated with completely new training videos and the whole site was easy to navigate. I tried it for a few days and used the live chat for any of my questions.

I  was surprised how quickly I received  honest professional answers from senior members in the group(sometimes within seconds of posting) and I also had a reply to a question from Kyle who is one of  the owners and founders of wealthy Affiliate so how great was that?

After doing a couple of days of the training and actually learning more in 5 days than I had in the last 5 years I decided to try the premium and I haven’t looked back.

If you are like me and have been trying all of the guru stuff and are tired of being ripped off then I would defiantly recommend giving wealthy Affiliate a try.

I know it will just blow your mind at how professional this platform is set up and the fact that no one gets left behind, if you have a problem just ask and you “will” get help.

All you have to do is come up with an idea or niche (they even help you with this as it can sometimes a big stumbling block for newer members) and they will help you build a business around this idea.

My Favorite  Wealthy Affiliate features

  •  My first  favorite  feature is the SiteRubix website builder- This  was a  little confusing  to me at first as it was supposed to build a website in under 30 seconds.

Well SiteRubix doesn’t exactly build your website for you ( I have  been on platforms before where you put in details of your niche and your pay pall details and then they build a real nice looking website with content and affiliate links and you think you are getting something great)

In reality all of that nice content has been scraped from other websites and most of the affiliate programs you are linked to are scams or programs some just build you an elaborate amazon store .And there is no way you will ever get those type of sites indexed in google as they are all made from duplicate content.

What SiteRubix- “actually”- does is take all of that technical work out of installing word press on the hosting-it sets up the domain and takes care of connecting the name servers to the site and a whole host of other stuff in the background that took me weeks to work out on my own .This on its own is worth more than the fee to Join Wealthy affiliate.

After that SiteRubix has a suite of tools to help you to build out the content of your site the proper way.

* Site Manager is where you have all the controls to building out your website.

* Site builder- is where you build your sites it does all of the setting up for each site you build.

* Site domains- is where you can purchase and organize you domains

*Site content- is a tool for helping you write your site content it checks for spelling and grammar and will also let you know if you have any duplicate  content before you publish it to your site.

*These are  just some of the tools In SiteRubix.

  •  My second favorite  feature of Wealthy Affiliate is  that you get free for Hosting for up to _____ amount of sites
  •  My third favorite feature is Free ssl certificates for each site. This is usually a paid upgrade when you purchase a domain name on normal hosting platforms.
  • My forth favorite is that you get free use of the Key word tool called Jaaxy  and you also get to join the affiliate program for it so you can promote and sell it on your websites and earn commissions.
  • Another great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the Instant access to help and more through private messages to experts and you have 24/ 7 help with any technical aspects of your website/s
  • At Wealthy Affiliate there is a great community spirit where you can connect with experts  and also  others like your self working on the same level to help each other out and achieve goals quicker.
  • There is  going training even after you finish all
    the courses  At Wealthy Affiliate there are weekly training sessions
    by experts about new ideas and systems and much more- other Platforms just seem to stop after you finish all the courses and leave you with no more direction to follow.

I would rate Wealthy Affiliate 10/10 if I had to compare it with any other internet and website Business training out there.

==> Click this link <==    If  you would like to check it out  for your self and start the free trial.


If you have any questions or would like to know more about the training just let me know in the comments below.

4 Replies to “Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2018- Learn and Earn from Home”

  1. Hi Andrew

    I enjoyed reading your review about WA. I am already a member but I still love reading other member’s reviews.

    Sometimes I learn something new about WA I didn’t know about or I am just reminded about why it’s such a great platform.

    I agree with all of your points and the thing that stood out for me was how easy WA makes it compared to so many other programs.

    Don’t get me wrong you still have to do the work and there’s a lot to do but a least you have no excuse for not being successful other than being lazy. 🙂


    1. Hi Mark,
      thanks for your reply yes Wealthy Affiliate is not one of those get rich quick schemes that rip you off and as you said any one following on wealthy Affiliate does actually have to learn and put that learning into practice through hard work.
      What i really like most about the wealthy Affiliate training is that they teach you the easiest way to do that all of hard work and point out tools and ad-ons and other cool stuff which is free to use to make learning quicker and more fun.

  2. Hi Andrew, I really enjoyed reading your Wealthy Affiliate review, your background and how you came to WA.

    I used to be in your same boat, looking for ways to earn money, I felt for scams different times until I came across WA.

    I was impressed how easy and professional their training is, that I upgraded literally 2 or 3 days later after trying the 10 lessons.

    Fast forward today, Wealthy Affiliate helped me start an online business that is making me over $2k per month which make me proud as a 23 years old guy, in a country hit by an incredible crisis (Italy) where nowadays you need a miracle to find a job!

    I can confidently say, WA has saved my life, I can’t imagine how my life would be without it, Mom and dad are very proud of me and that alone makes me so happy and grateful.

    Thanks again for your review, wish you the best and lots of success.


    1. Hi Anis,
      thank you for your comment yes second time around after getting ripped off with get rich quick shinny object courses I came back and also went premium in the first few days and I haven’t looked back since then.

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