Anthony Morrison Internet Scam Artist Extraordinaire, Review

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This is my personal review of what i would class as a sophisticated internet scam.

Webinar name :Partner Profit Strategy

PRODUCT NAME: Mage Funnels.



Price: $10.00 domain hosting with 14 day free trial.  Then you are charged $97 a month with up-sells.
Owners: Anthony Morrison- Morrison Publishing, LLC, Madison, MS 39110
MY Overall Rank: 5 out of 100
Product Overview
Product name: Mage Funnels

This is part of an ongoing webinar with Anthony Morison and his cronies where they try to sell various programs and so called products on each webinar. During the webinar they tell you it is a once of offer and that there will not be a replay or any other way to get the product so if you don’t sign up you will miss out.

Then a few days later they send the replay to your inbox and tell you to watch it now as the replay will only be on line for a limited time and that they have extended openings for the program.

If you do a search in you tube you will still find this video after they supposedly take it down  as they up load  these video’s to you tube but most times they have commenting turned off so no one can leave bad comments.

I watched the webinar for this particular product and it is the same as a lot of his recent webinars. Most of it is done using slides with the talking over the top .This particular webinar was with a partner Greg Jacobs.

It starts off as usual telling about some sad life story this time it happened to be about Anthony going through a tough time with his family but they didn’t elaborate.  Then they introduce the product and tell you how many man hours it took to create and how much it cost them to set it all up etc.

He then goes on about how good the product is. This one is about setting up an automated E-commerce site to sell physical products through drop shipping their software does all the product picking and setting up for you.

Then they start on the spiel about most people starting these types of businesses but never follow through as they can’t put it all together themselves etc. He then goes on to talk about how they  have built this program  just for people like you and all you have to do is sign up for the program and buy a domain name and they will set the whole lot up for you using what they call” Done for you Copy and Paste sales funnels.”

Most of these done for you businesses in a box type things are basically a type  sophisticated internet scam.

Apparently the first 2 weeks are free then they charge you $97 a month after that. He goes on to say that there is an up sell but you don’t really need it to make the program work.

The Good & the Bad

The Good: The first 14 days are supposed to be free.

PRO #1 The first 14 days are free.(The catch is you have to buy a domain through them to try it out.)
PRO #2 There is none

The Bad:

CON #1 You still have to purchase a domain name from them to try the free version  so they already have you hooked.
CON #2 You do the first 14 days training then they automatically bill you $97.00 a month after that.
Con #3  After you sign up you get bombarded with up-sells during the process.

Con#4.  They usually take your personal details and phone number during the sign up process and then you get bombarded with hard sell phone calls to buy very expensive up-sell non related products.

Who is Mage Funnels For?

The product is targeted at people wanting to start an e-commerce business who know little to nothing about on line business and are easy to scam. They even make a promise. “Would you believe this below ?”I believe this type of product is basically an elaborate internet scam.

If its too good to be true then it probably isn’t — is a saying that comes to my mind after reading this.

Mage Funnels: Tools & Training

Apparently all the tools and training are provided once you sign up for the product but there is no elaboration on exactly what training you will receive.

Mage Funnels: Support

I found that the only support offered is to join a face book group and contact via email.

My Final Opinion of Mage Funnels:

As with all of Anthony Morrison’s products his company puts so much empathis on this being the best product ever and that you will start making money right away etc –etc. Once you are on their mailing list the next week they will try to sell you yet another “best” product on the market and try to say it will tie in with the one you already have purchased.

I tried out one of his products many years ago it was a $19 product about doing on site SEO. I can’t remember the exact name as it was so long ago but it was basically just a PDF with a small amount of basic not very helpful information .

What I do remember was the sales process. I clicked the “PAY NOW” button  then I was instantly redirected to another long sales page and a video UPSELL I had to watch  all the way through before  I could even click on the “NO thanks take me to the product i purchased button”.  

After clicking this Button I was directed to another “UPSELL” and sales page with video that I again had to watch and click  the “NO THANKS”  link Which then repeated the process for another up sell. There were four “UPSELLS” before i was able to down load the product I had originally purchased.

During this first sale I had to fill in my name address, email and phone number as these were mandatory fields in the form  and I could not continue unless I gave them this information (they had already taken my money i was trying to get the product i paid for).

Within 20 minutes of going through the sales process(which took over an hour) and then downloading my crappy  PDF that i virtually read in 5 minutes. I received a phone call from a very pushy sales person trying to get me to sign up for a$3000 program.

After I finally managed to get through to him that I did not want it and could not afford it, he then tried down selling the product for a reduced price of $1500.

When I started asking detailed questions about this particular product he was trying to sell me ,he would not directly answer my questions and only said that it was privileged secret information I would receive after Joining the program.

I ended up having to hang up the phone on this person then I was immediately bombarded with two more high pressure sales people trying to sell me other unrelated high ticket useless products.

After a some weeks of these very annoying and some times very rude, phone calls  I had to contact my phone provider and get a block put on those numbers calling me.

PRODUCT at a Glance : Mage Funnels


Owners: Anthony Morrison- Morrison Publishing, LLC, Madison, MS 39110
Price: Free trial then $97.00 a month with Up-sells
Overall Scam Rank: 90 out of 100 as they put high pressure on you to purchase high ticket items you don’t really need.


The way this program is set up it is probably legal for them to sell it,  but there is possibly a lot more than meets the eye to actually make any money from this as they are basically setting you up with a cloned business and you will have to try and get visitors and customers to make it work.

You will most likely have to buy more of their up sell products to put the pieces together on this one and it is highly likely your website will not get indexed at all as it contains mostly (cloned- duplicate content). If you do buy one of his products you will get bombarded with emails and phone calls.

(I had to get their numbers blocked on my phone), but I have not opted out of the emails as i sometimes like to just see what other crap he is trying to scam people with and I have an email address set up  just for spam emails from  other him and other dubious marketers.

My Recommendation.

This is a product I would defiantly advise every one  to stay well clear of, and also be very wary of any products from this particular company Anthony Morrison- Morrison Publishing, LLC, Madison, MS 39110.

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2 Replies to “Anthony Morrison Internet Scam Artist Extraordinaire, Review”

  1. Hi Andrew, thank you for your detailed expose of this product. This is one of many that are out there. I’ve also witnessed these “webinars” that are nothing but rip-offs.

    All the best,


    1. Thank you for that Brian. Yes i still have an email address that i keep going mainly for keeping an eye out for new scams from these people so i can review them and warn others not to get scammed.

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