Finding the Ultimate key words for your website or article.

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Finding key words

If you are new to building your own websites one of the things you will need to learn is how to find key words that are directly related to your topic. If you are building an affiliate type website then this becomes more important.

The easiest way of explaining what a key word is can be described as— any word or search term that a person would type into their web browser or search engine (Google,Bing,Yahoo) to find what they are searching for.


If you were looking for “red shoes” you would type that into to your search engine and “red shoes” would be the key word that you have asked Google to look for then Google will go through its data base of websites with the words “red shoes” and bring up a list of websites that it thinks are the most relevant to your search words.

Using Jaaxy to find relevant key words

If the website owners have optimized their site with key words and images and content about “red shoes” then it would show you those sites, but it would try not show you sites about “blue shoes”. If on the other hand you only typed in “shoes” then it would list websites with every different type of shoe that you could imagine.

 Keywords can be one single word or a group of words or a phrase. For example “shiny red shoes” is a key word. Usually more than three words together are often called “long tail key words”,

When you are looking for key words there are a few (formula’s or rules) that you need to keep in mind while you are doing this. I will list some rules below and then go into more detail below this list.

  • Relevance-
  • Grammar-
  • Searches-
  • High search- low competition key words-
  • Money keywords-
  • Long tail key words-
  • Key words to avoid-

Where to start looking for key words

The best place to start looking for relevant key words is in your favorite search engine.


  • Relevance- The key word you use has to be directly related to the subject and content you are writing about or what you want people to find on your website.
  • Gramma- The key word that you use has to make sense inside your content.
  • Searches- You will need to find keywords that a lot of people are already searching for.
  • High search- low competition key words.(lots of people searching for the product or service- a low amount of websites selling the product or service )
  • Long tail key words. (key words longer than three words or a phrase)
  • Money keywords ( wanted to buy +keyword, looking for + keyword, where can I find + keyword etc)
  • Key words to avoid ( wanted for free + keyword)
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This is was just short example of finding good keywords there are many great keyword tools that you can use .I used Jaaxy in the video and it is a great tool you can find it here and use the free version but the paid version is a very good investment and is not as limited as the free one

If you are just starting out in affiliate marketing and you would like to learn a lot more and not get ripped off then i would recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate  or you can go to the link below for my personal review of this product that I use every day. Wealthy Affiliate review

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to add them below thank you.



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