Finding a way to create your own Job

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Create your own Job! There is a better way to earn a living than working for a Boss.

If you are like me and you have found this page then you have been looking for a better way to earn an income and create your own job with out having to report every day to a boss.

create your own Job

There are many ways to create your own job, like starting your own small off line business ,mowing lawns, doing odd jobs, cleaning , selling stuff at the local markets and so on.

Or you could be looking at a larger scale of owing a franchise or a small store . It often takes a lot of time and effort and sometimes a big investment to get started in these sorts of businesses and often it is hard to find work or clients interested in what you have to offer.

Have you ever considered using the internet to create your own Job or start up a businesses? Maybe an on line store ,or a website selling your own or another companies products.  Have you asked your self how you could make money on the internet?

When I first started looking for some sort of work or business on line I asked my self the same question then  I wrote down a list of questions  that i though might be relevant to me at the time.

Take some time to ask your self these questions below

  1. What if there was a way I could start my own online business in a field that I am interested in and have a lot of knowledge about?
  2. Then another thought was how to start my own business with no money? Or at least a very minimum  of capital or could I even start for free using open source tools and i could then learn and earn from home?
  3. What if I could grow and scale this business so it is making me a full time income?
  4. What if I could set this business up in such a way that I don’t have to spend hours each day finding clients or leads?
  5. What if I could  automate it so that I don’t have to spend hours on the phone  consulting or working out  customer problems?
  6. How could I  get people interested in buying from me to visit my on line store or website?



create your own Job


What were your answers?

Please copy and paste my questions into the comments section below and put your own answer after each one, you can also add your own questions if you like
hese were the sort of answers going through my head at the time below.

My answer to Q1 . 

My answer was that I would use google and other search engines to see what was out there. Some of the things I asked google were ,how to create your own job?How to become your own boss,? How to start an on line business for free?

As I very soon found out (and some of you might have as well) that there are lots of scams and people trying to profit from your dilemma. Over the years I have  tried many different so called “systems” some even worked  for a short time and made some money but then got my google or FB  accounts penalized ,banned or closed down.

As I learnt more I got a little bit smarter and then I diligently read reviews of anything I was going to try out first. This is like trying to sort chaff from hay or looking for the proverbial needle in the hay stack  as a lot of the scammers put fake reviews on websites just to trick you into joining.

Some “Gurus” even do reviews to say certain products are scams  and still have their own affiliate links to those scams. I eventually found some real  marketers that gave out good solid information  but most of them only give you enough free stuff to convince them to join their expensive training programs.

Then after you join they try to sell you lots of programs and other stuff they say you need or the programs and information is so confusing you cant put it together yourself and when you ask for help  no one is interested as long as you keep paying your fees  . Have you been down this track already and tried to create your own job?

I wanted to know how to learn about affiliate marketing for free so i watched a lot of you tube video’s about building websites  and read  lots of posts on forums  and other peoples blogs about marketing and getting affiliate programs and how to set them up and link building and all other sorts of random stuff.

I  learnt the hard way but I did eventually work out how to build small websites and blogs about my hobbies and interests but it cost me a lot of time and money but I still hadn’t learnt enough  about getting visitors to my sites the proper way.

All of my sites were being penalized by google for having random unrelated back links (that the gurus  had taught me to buy cheap from link farms ) and my affiliate links were getting hacked and re-directed so I wasn’t even making commissions  on the ones that did find my site and click on them . So I eventually quit and went back to looking for normal type work.

create your own Job

My answer to Q2. 

A couple of years after my big learning curve I and not getting any  permanent type  work I again asked my self could you create your own job.?  What if I could do this Affiliate marketing thing myself and ditch the high priced website builders and “Guru” websites platforms  and build my own stand alone websites using cheap or free hosting and find my own affiliate programs?

After spending a few years on line trying to do this I had found some good reliable resources(mostly free ) that I would be able to use on a very tight budget . I did some searches on line and found that i still had some current domain names and some that were parked and a couple of websites that were just sitting doing nothing.

I started building these out again getting rid of the crappy back links and other junk that I had added from advice of the so called Gurus then I slowly lost interest again and just basically forgot about them.

About a year after this  I started getting some small commissions randomly here and there paid into my Pay-Pall account. At first I couldn’t work out where they were coming from.

After going through my bank account and finding that these payments were coming from click bank and other affiliate products that were still on my existing websites.  That made me click back into gear and I thought that maybe i could make it work after all.

My answer to Q3.

The answer to Question 3 /4 and 5 came to  me in an instant. Q3To scale it up all I had to do was drive more interested people to my websites.

My answer to Q4.

I had not spent any time on these sites for over a year and now they were making me a small amount of money so if I just spend a small amount of time refining the sites and getting more traffic they should bring in more money with very little effort.

My answer to Q5. 

It was already running automated and I hadn’t had one phone call in relation to these business as they were running on automatic pilot  so as to speak  even if they were running blind and only getting small amounts of organic traffic.

My answer to Q6.

To get people to my website i needed  to find targeted internet trafficI was back to square one as all of the traffic methods I had learned though the “gurus” were not really working. I then started researching again  I went on some webinars promising to teach sure fire traffic methods using face book and other platforms.

I spent well over $2000  on these only to find that they were so confusing that I couldn’t make them work and even though they advertised full support during the initial webinars  I was basically left on my own and got left behind  and some of these were limited time courses  so if you didn’t finish them  you automatically got booted out any way after 6 months or so.

One particular learning platform that I had done a free trial with a few years ago  come back in to my mind .It had no up sells and you could do the first part of the course for free and it had 7 days access to all of the site and you could post group messages that people responded to right away and gave help with out asking for anything in return.

At that time i just didn’t have any more money to waste on what I was doing and was going through a relationship break up . My oldest son also had a mental break down and moved back in with me so I did not follow through.

After getting back on my feet and my son  was OK and  went his own way and I was still  seeing  the odd random pay pal payment I started thinking about  starting up internet marketing again.

I asked my self what if I could find a group of like minded people  that would be able to help me with their knowledge ? What if they could teach me the proper methods of setting up my sites and getting traffic and in return I could help some of them back with what I have already learned?

Then I remembered i had already found such a group a couple of years earlier called Wealthy Affiliate .    A quick couple of google searches and I found them again . They still had the free courses which had all been updated and the member ship was still the same price.

Join Wealthy Affiliate and create your own Job

I have since joined their Premium  program which is half price for the first month and haven’t looked back. What I learnt in the first 7 days before going premium (and I only went on the site twice to start on the lessons) Was more than it had taken me 5 years to learn on my own.

If you would like to find out more about Wealthy Affiliate and create your own Job then   ==>CLICK HERE<==       for my personal review as I use it as my go to reference source for anything to do with internet marketing.

The friendly community of people  a Wealthy Affiliate are always there to give me help of a professional answer to any internet marketing question or hep with my websites .

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Please  type in your own answers to my first 6 questions  in the comments below. I would love to hear some different opinions .

And feel free to ask any questions of your own and I will answer them.

6 Replies to “Finding a way to create your own Job”

  1. Great post Andrew. I totally agree with all your 6 answers.
    I think the word business scares people into thinking they have to leave their current job. The best thing about your recommendations is that you start this in spare time whilst still employed.

    Enjoyed this read and I have your site bookmarked for more great content.

    1. Hi,
      Vince thank you for your comments yes once a person starts doing the basic training in Wealthy Affiliate it is no where as scary as it first seems. The best part of the training is there is no scheduled other than your own so you can learn completely at your own pace

  2. This is good for so many who are looking to start a business. Many are looking for a way to add to their current income or their retirement income, this clearly maps out a way.

    1. Hi Rowena thank you for the encouraging words Yes Wealthy Affiliate has helped me a lot to put all the pieces together and it is non stop training.
      Unlike other platforms where once you follow all their videos and training you are left to your own devices.
      Wealthy Affiliate has more in the members area after you do all the basic courses and there are weekly updated live training sessions on all different subjects related to building websites and affiliate marketing.
      So you can be a member for years and still get up to date training on any new concepts of Affiliate marketing.

  3. I decided to start an affiliate marketing business decades ago – I have gone up and down but never down enough that I had to go back and get a job. As a matter of fact – when the going gets tough – I tend to crank up the earnings and make it through unscathed. It truly is wonderful having your own business.

    I’m glad Wealthy Affiliate is out there because I have always thought there should be an inexpensive way to teach someone what it takes to market on the Internet – it took me 20+ years to get where I am – if WA was available in 1994 – I’d be a lot better off!

    Looking forward to your success!

    1. Hi Heather ,
      Thank you for your comment and your Advice yes Wealthy Affiliate is the best Affiliate training out there after personally trying some others my self.

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