Anthony Morrison Internet Scam Artist Extraordinaire, Review

This is my personal review of what i would class as a sophisticated internet scam.

Webinar name :Partner Profit Strategy

PRODUCT NAME: Mage Funnels.



Price: $10.00 domain hosting with 14 day free trial.  Then you are charged $97 a month with up-sells.
Owners: Anthony Morrison- Morrison Publishing, LLC, Madison, MS 39110
MY Overall Rank: 5 out of 100
Product Overview
Product name: Mage Funnels

This is part of an ongoing webinar with Anthony Morison and his cronies where they try to sell various programs and so called products on each webinar. During the webinar they tell you it is a once of offer and that there will not be a replay or any other way to get the product so if you don’t sign up you will miss out.

Then a few days later they send the replay to your inbox and tell you to watch it now as the replay will only be on line for a limited time and that they have extended openings for the program.

If you do a search in you tube you will still find this video after they supposedly take it down  as they up load  these video’s to you tube but most times they have commenting turned off so no one can leave bad comments.

I watched the webinar for this particular product and it is the same as a lot of his recent webinars. Most of it is done using slides with the talking over the top .This particular webinar was with a partner Greg Jacobs.

It starts off as usual telling about some sad life story this time it happened to be about Anthony going through a tough time with his family but they didn’t elaborate.  Then they introduce the product and tell you how many man hours it took to create and how much it cost them to set it all up etc.

He then goes on about how good the product is. This one is about setting up an automated E-commerce site to sell physical products through drop shipping their software does all the product picking and setting up for you.

Then they start on the spiel about most people starting these types of businesses but never follow through as they can’t put it all together themselves etc. He then goes on to talk about how they  have built this program  just for people like you and all you have to do is sign up for the program and buy a domain name and they will set the whole lot up for you using what they call” Done for you Copy and Paste sales funnels.”

Most of these done for you businesses in a box type things are basically a type  sophisticated internet scam.

Apparently the first 2 weeks are free then they charge you $97 a month after that. He goes on to say that there is an up sell but you don’t really need it to make the program work.

The Good & the Bad

The Good: The first 14 days are supposed to be free.

PRO #1 The first 14 days are free.(The catch is you have to buy a domain through them to try it out.)
PRO #2 There is none

The Bad:

CON #1 You still have to purchase a domain name from them to try the free version  so they already have you hooked.
CON #2 You do the first 14 days training then they automatically bill you $97.00 a month after that.
Con #3  After you sign up you get bombarded with up-sells during the process.

Con#4.  They usually take your personal details and phone number during the sign up process and then you get bombarded with hard sell phone calls to buy very expensive up-sell non related products.

Who is Mage Funnels For?

The product is targeted at people wanting to start an e-commerce business who know little to nothing about on line business and are easy to scam. They even make a promise. “Would you believe this below ?”I believe this type of product is basically an elaborate internet scam.

If its too good to be true then it probably isn’t — is a saying that comes to my mind after reading this.

Mage Funnels: Tools & Training

Apparently all the tools and training are provided once you sign up for the product but there is no elaboration on exactly what training you will receive.

Mage Funnels: Support

I found that the only support offered is to join a face book group and contact via email.

My Final Opinion of Mage Funnels:

As with all of Anthony Morrison’s products his company puts so much empathis on this being the best product ever and that you will start making money right away etc –etc. Once you are on their mailing list the next week they will try to sell you yet another “best” product on the market and try to say it will tie in with the one you already have purchased.

I tried out one of his products many years ago it was a $19 product about doing on site SEO. I can’t remember the exact name as it was so long ago but it was basically just a PDF with a small amount of basic not very helpful information .

What I do remember was the sales process. I clicked the “PAY NOW” button  then I was instantly redirected to another long sales page and a video UPSELL I had to watch  all the way through before  I could even click on the “NO thanks take me to the product i purchased button”.  

After clicking this Button I was directed to another “UPSELL” and sales page with video that I again had to watch and click  the “NO THANKS”  link Which then repeated the process for another up sell. There were four “UPSELLS” before i was able to down load the product I had originally purchased.

During this first sale I had to fill in my name address, email and phone number as these were mandatory fields in the form  and I could not continue unless I gave them this information (they had already taken my money i was trying to get the product i paid for).

Within 20 minutes of going through the sales process(which took over an hour) and then downloading my crappy  PDF that i virtually read in 5 minutes. I received a phone call from a very pushy sales person trying to get me to sign up for a$3000 program.

After I finally managed to get through to him that I did not want it and could not afford it, he then tried down selling the product for a reduced price of $1500.

When I started asking detailed questions about this particular product he was trying to sell me ,he would not directly answer my questions and only said that it was privileged secret information I would receive after Joining the program.

I ended up having to hang up the phone on this person then I was immediately bombarded with two more high pressure sales people trying to sell me other unrelated high ticket useless products.

After a some weeks of these very annoying and some times very rude, phone calls  I had to contact my phone provider and get a block put on those numbers calling me.

PRODUCT at a Glance : Mage Funnels


Owners: Anthony Morrison- Morrison Publishing, LLC, Madison, MS 39110
Price: Free trial then $97.00 a month with Up-sells
Overall Scam Rank: 90 out of 100 as they put high pressure on you to purchase high ticket items you don’t really need.


The way this program is set up it is probably legal for them to sell it,  but there is possibly a lot more than meets the eye to actually make any money from this as they are basically setting you up with a cloned business and you will have to try and get visitors and customers to make it work.

You will most likely have to buy more of their up sell products to put the pieces together on this one and it is highly likely your website will not get indexed at all as it contains mostly (cloned- duplicate content). If you do buy one of his products you will get bombarded with emails and phone calls.

(I had to get their numbers blocked on my phone), but I have not opted out of the emails as i sometimes like to just see what other crap he is trying to scam people with and I have an email address set up  just for spam emails from  other him and other dubious marketers.

My Recommendation.

This is a product I would defiantly advise every one  to stay well clear of, and also be very wary of any products from this particular company Anthony Morrison- Morrison Publishing, LLC, Madison, MS 39110.

If you are ready  to start your own legitimate business on line to make some real money and you are willing to put in some real effort to do it then check out my recommended Learning platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are here because you are looking for something that actually works and will teach you the correct way to do ethical on line marketing in an  easy to follow format with loads of support and help along the way and you wont get ripped off then Check out the product that i use every day.

This Product is FREE to join and has hundreds of Expert people willing to help you even if you are only trying to learn more about making money on line you can join the free version and do the lessons for free and also make two free websites .

And if you decide to join the premium version of the program you will not receive annoying phone calls or any popups trying to sell you any high ticket items or any thing else for that matter.

To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate read my review  ==>Here<==

Finding the Ultimate key words for your website or article.

Finding key words

If you are new to building your own websites one of the things you will need to learn is how to find key words that are directly related to your topic. If you are building an affiliate type website then this becomes more important.

The easiest way of explaining what a key word is can be described as— any word or search term that a person would type into their web browser or search engine (Google,Bing,Yahoo) to find what they are searching for.


If you were looking for “red shoes” you would type that into to your search engine and “red shoes” would be the key word that you have asked Google to look for then Google will go through its data base of websites with the words “red shoes” and bring up a list of websites that it thinks are the most relevant to your search words.

Using Jaaxy to find relevant key words

If the website owners have optimized their site with key words and images and content about “red shoes” then it would show you those sites, but it would try not show you sites about “blue shoes”. If on the other hand you only typed in “shoes” then it would list websites with every different type of shoe that you could imagine.

 Keywords can be one single word or a group of words or a phrase. For example “shiny red shoes” is a key word. Usually more than three words together are often called “long tail key words”,

When you are looking for key words there are a few (formula’s or rules) that you need to keep in mind while you are doing this. I will list some rules below and then go into more detail below this list.

  • Relevance-
  • Grammar-
  • Searches-
  • High search- low competition key words-
  • Money keywords-
  • Long tail key words-
  • Key words to avoid-

Where to start looking for key words

The best place to start looking for relevant key words is in your favorite search engine.


  • Relevance- The key word you use has to be directly related to the subject and content you are writing about or what you want people to find on your website.
  • Gramma- The key word that you use has to make sense inside your content.
  • Searches- You will need to find keywords that a lot of people are already searching for.
  • High search- low competition key words.(lots of people searching for the product or service- a low amount of websites selling the product or service )
  • Long tail key words. (key words longer than three words or a phrase)
  • Money keywords ( wanted to buy +keyword, looking for + keyword, where can I find + keyword etc)
  • Key words to avoid ( wanted for free + keyword)
  • (((MAKE VIDEO USING DIFFERENT  TOOLS AND METHODS use JAXY and provide affiliate link put video here ))


This is was just short example of finding good keywords there are many great keyword tools that you can use .I used Jaaxy in the video and it is a great tool you can find it here and use the free version but the paid version is a very good investment and is not as limited as the free one

If you are just starting out in affiliate marketing and you would like to learn a lot more and not get ripped off then i would recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate  or you can go to the link below for my personal review of this product that I use every day. Wealthy Affiliate review

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to add them below thank you.



Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2018- Learn and Earn from Home

Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive learning platform where you can learn and earn from home at your own pace and in your own time. In this Wealthy Affiliate review for 2018 I will be outlining the up to date training and resources available to free and Premium members.

If you don’t know anything about on line marketing or affiliate marketing there is no problem as the first part of the course is absolutely free and explains in simple English how it all works and you get to try all of the premium resources for the first 7 days to have a good look around and ask also questions to other members.

You can do all of the free  lessons and you also get to build two free websites and join in the community chat to ask any questions you like about the program from other users. If you do not wish to continue you can still use the free version of the program.

A Brief Rundown of my Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2018

  • Name of Business: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Owners :Kyle and Carson
  • Main website URL: wealthy affiliate
  • On line training: Free and paid
  • Free website builder
  • Free Website hosting
  • Free WordPress  training
  • Free advanced keyword tool
  • Free technical website support 24/7
  • No Up-sells after joining Premium version
  • Premium version is $49.00 US a month or a discounted amount of $359.00US for yearly.
  • 24 hour access through live chat to Expert members including Kyle and Carson to ask any questions about the program
  • Comprehensive and easy to understand training videos, as well as an easy to read text format with screen shots so you can learn and completely understand each step.
  • Check list for each lesson so you can evaluate your understanding of each stage and gain member points as you proceed through the course
  • Ability to go back through any section of the course if you have the need to do so
  • The ability to use live chat to ask experienced members for help as you go.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

  • Training starts with the first course which has10 free sections.
  • During signing up for the free program you are asked to make a free account where you set up your profile and account details and create a user name and log in password for your account. You will also receive a confirmation email from Wealthy Affiliate to your email account which you have to click on a link to be verified for the sign up process.
  • After making your free account and verifying it, you can then log in to the program with your user name and password you created.
  • You will then be presented with a screen similar to this below.
  • wealthy AffiliateScreen shot
  • Here is a Quick walk through video below I started explaining the prices at the end but had forgotten to write them down you will find them below the video.
  • If you try the program and decide it is for you and purchase within the first 7 days you will automatically get the first month at a discount for $— then it is only $49.00 US a month after that or only $359.00 US a year if you go for a yearly subscription.
  • After signing up for premium you will get access to all of the lessons including classrooms where you can learn much more.

My Personal Experience with wealthy affiliate

I have dabbled in internet marketing since 2011. Since starting my journey to learn and earn from home I have tried various programs and platforms and bought numerous amounts of different PDF’s about marketing and other peoples “guaranteed systems to make $1000s in 5 days etc” and none of these worked for me. I have learnt a lot since then but it has been an uphill battle struggling to put all of the pieces together.

One of the platforms I tried about 7 years ago wasn’t too bad but it had up-sells if I wanted to learn more then I had to pay extra. Then I had to buy hosting and domain names which I had to then learn how to set up and point the names servers to my hosting platform and learn how to install word press and learn all of the back end of word press and how to upload files to the server  and change file paths  and so on.

With Wealthy Affiliate  you can easily do all of this with a few mouse clicks and filling out some details in a form with their siterubix  website builder.

I now know that they were extremely overpriced for what I received back then especially with no back up or community support. This particular platform was lacking very badly in actual support and they sometimes took up to a week to answer a simple email about a simple problem.

There was no technical support for the sites I built and I had to rely on limited help from my hosting company if I accidentally broke something in the code etc I usually had to go on line into word press forums and ask for answers or pay someone to come in by remote control and fix it for me at a price and It was a basically a nightmare.

What I was looking for was how to start an online business with no money (or very little money) as I was now completely broke. When searching again on Google and finding lots of scams subscribing to peoples emails  only to find they were also just trying to sell me get rich quick rubbish, I stumbled on a review site for Wealthy Affiliate

I read a few more reviews and decided to try out the free version as i had nothing to lose except to maybe get more junk mail in my inbox. I had a site up and running in about the second day but I didn’t get the chance to try out the premium as my life took a different turn.

Fast forward 4 years after trying to still do it on my own and only making small amounts of commissions and still not having all of the pieces of the jigsaw I found Wealthy Affiliate again.

I was a bit skeptical  because the pricing had not changed in four years and I thought that it would probably be stale and run down and just going on auto pilot like the last platform I had tried .

I was completely amazed when I made a new account and tried the free training again. It had changed a lot and it was all updated with completely new training videos and the whole site was easy to navigate. I tried it for a few days and used the live chat for any of my questions.

I  was surprised how quickly I received  honest professional answers from senior members in the group(sometimes within seconds of posting) and I also had a reply to a question from Kyle who is one of  the owners and founders of wealthy Affiliate so how great was that?

After doing a couple of days of the training and actually learning more in 5 days than I had in the last 5 years I decided to try the premium and I haven’t looked back.

If you are like me and have been trying all of the guru stuff and are tired of being ripped off then I would defiantly recommend giving wealthy Affiliate a try.

I know it will just blow your mind at how professional this platform is set up and the fact that no one gets left behind, if you have a problem just ask and you “will” get help.

All you have to do is come up with an idea or niche (they even help you with this as it can sometimes a big stumbling block for newer members) and they will help you build a business around this idea.

My Favorite  Wealthy Affiliate features

  •  My first  favorite  feature is the SiteRubix website builder- This  was a  little confusing  to me at first as it was supposed to build a website in under 30 seconds.

Well SiteRubix doesn’t exactly build your website for you ( I have  been on platforms before where you put in details of your niche and your pay pall details and then they build a real nice looking website with content and affiliate links and you think you are getting something great)

In reality all of that nice content has been scraped from other websites and most of the affiliate programs you are linked to are scams or programs some just build you an elaborate amazon store .And there is no way you will ever get those type of sites indexed in google as they are all made from duplicate content.

What SiteRubix- “actually”- does is take all of that technical work out of installing word press on the hosting-it sets up the domain and takes care of connecting the name servers to the site and a whole host of other stuff in the background that took me weeks to work out on my own .This on its own is worth more than the fee to Join Wealthy affiliate.

After that SiteRubix has a suite of tools to help you to build out the content of your site the proper way.

* Site Manager is where you have all the controls to building out your website.

* Site builder- is where you build your sites it does all of the setting up for each site you build.

* Site domains- is where you can purchase and organize you domains

*Site content- is a tool for helping you write your site content it checks for spelling and grammar and will also let you know if you have any duplicate  content before you publish it to your site.

*These are  just some of the tools In SiteRubix.

  •  My second favorite  feature of Wealthy Affiliate is  that you get free for Hosting for up to _____ amount of sites
  •  My third favorite feature is Free ssl certificates for each site. This is usually a paid upgrade when you purchase a domain name on normal hosting platforms.
  • My forth favorite is that you get free use of the Key word tool called Jaaxy  and you also get to join the affiliate program for it so you can promote and sell it on your websites and earn commissions.
  • Another great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the Instant access to help and more through private messages to experts and you have 24/ 7 help with any technical aspects of your website/s
  • At Wealthy Affiliate there is a great community spirit where you can connect with experts  and also  others like your self working on the same level to help each other out and achieve goals quicker.
  • There is  going training even after you finish all
    the courses  At Wealthy Affiliate there are weekly training sessions
    by experts about new ideas and systems and much more- other Platforms just seem to stop after you finish all the courses and leave you with no more direction to follow.

I would rate Wealthy Affiliate 10/10 if I had to compare it with any other internet and website Business training out there.

==> Click this link <==    If  you would like to check it out  for your self and start the free trial.


If you have any questions or would like to know more about the training just let me know in the comments below.

Finding a way to create your own Job

Create your own Job! There is a better way to earn a living than working for a Boss.

If you are like me and you have found this page then you have been looking for a better way to earn an income and create your own job with out having to report every day to a boss.

create your own Job

There are many ways to create your own job, like starting your own small off line business ,mowing lawns, doing odd jobs, cleaning , selling stuff at the local markets and so on.

Or you could be looking at a larger scale of owing a franchise or a small store . It often takes a lot of time and effort and sometimes a big investment to get started in these sorts of businesses and often it is hard to find work or clients interested in what you have to offer.

Have you ever considered using the internet to create your own Job or start up a businesses? Maybe an on line store ,or a website selling your own or another companies products.  Have you asked your self how you could make money on the internet?

When I first started looking for some sort of work or business on line I asked my self the same question then  I wrote down a list of questions  that i though might be relevant to me at the time.

Take some time to ask your self these questions below

  1. What if there was a way I could start my own online business in a field that I am interested in and have a lot of knowledge about?
  2. Then another thought was how to start my own business with no money? Or at least a very minimum  of capital or could I even start for free using open source tools and i could then learn and earn from home?
  3. What if I could grow and scale this business so it is making me a full time income?
  4. What if I could set this business up in such a way that I don’t have to spend hours each day finding clients or leads?
  5. What if I could  automate it so that I don’t have to spend hours on the phone  consulting or working out  customer problems?
  6. How could I  get people interested in buying from me to visit my on line store or website?



create your own Job


What were your answers?

Please copy and paste my questions into the comments section below and put your own answer after each one, you can also add your own questions if you like
hese were the sort of answers going through my head at the time below.

My answer to Q1 . 

My answer was that I would use google and other search engines to see what was out there. Some of the things I asked google were ,how to create your own job?How to become your own boss,? How to start an on line business for free?

As I very soon found out (and some of you might have as well) that there are lots of scams and people trying to profit from your dilemma. Over the years I have  tried many different so called “systems” some even worked  for a short time and made some money but then got my google or FB  accounts penalized ,banned or closed down.

As I learnt more I got a little bit smarter and then I diligently read reviews of anything I was going to try out first. This is like trying to sort chaff from hay or looking for the proverbial needle in the hay stack  as a lot of the scammers put fake reviews on websites just to trick you into joining.

Some “Gurus” even do reviews to say certain products are scams  and still have their own affiliate links to those scams. I eventually found some real  marketers that gave out good solid information  but most of them only give you enough free stuff to convince them to join their expensive training programs.

Then after you join they try to sell you lots of programs and other stuff they say you need or the programs and information is so confusing you cant put it together yourself and when you ask for help  no one is interested as long as you keep paying your fees  . Have you been down this track already and tried to create your own job?

I wanted to know how to learn about affiliate marketing for free so i watched a lot of you tube video’s about building websites  and read  lots of posts on forums  and other peoples blogs about marketing and getting affiliate programs and how to set them up and link building and all other sorts of random stuff.

I  learnt the hard way but I did eventually work out how to build small websites and blogs about my hobbies and interests but it cost me a lot of time and money but I still hadn’t learnt enough  about getting visitors to my sites the proper way.

All of my sites were being penalized by google for having random unrelated back links (that the gurus  had taught me to buy cheap from link farms ) and my affiliate links were getting hacked and re-directed so I wasn’t even making commissions  on the ones that did find my site and click on them . So I eventually quit and went back to looking for normal type work.

create your own Job

My answer to Q2. 

A couple of years after my big learning curve I and not getting any  permanent type  work I again asked my self could you create your own job.?  What if I could do this Affiliate marketing thing myself and ditch the high priced website builders and “Guru” websites platforms  and build my own stand alone websites using cheap or free hosting and find my own affiliate programs?

After spending a few years on line trying to do this I had found some good reliable resources(mostly free ) that I would be able to use on a very tight budget . I did some searches on line and found that i still had some current domain names and some that were parked and a couple of websites that were just sitting doing nothing.

I started building these out again getting rid of the crappy back links and other junk that I had added from advice of the so called Gurus then I slowly lost interest again and just basically forgot about them.

About a year after this  I started getting some small commissions randomly here and there paid into my Pay-Pall account. At first I couldn’t work out where they were coming from.

After going through my bank account and finding that these payments were coming from click bank and other affiliate products that were still on my existing websites.  That made me click back into gear and I thought that maybe i could make it work after all.

My answer to Q3.

The answer to Question 3 /4 and 5 came to  me in an instant. Q3To scale it up all I had to do was drive more interested people to my websites.

My answer to Q4.

I had not spent any time on these sites for over a year and now they were making me a small amount of money so if I just spend a small amount of time refining the sites and getting more traffic they should bring in more money with very little effort.

My answer to Q5. 

It was already running automated and I hadn’t had one phone call in relation to these business as they were running on automatic pilot  so as to speak  even if they were running blind and only getting small amounts of organic traffic.

My answer to Q6.

To get people to my website i needed  to find targeted internet trafficI was back to square one as all of the traffic methods I had learned though the “gurus” were not really working. I then started researching again  I went on some webinars promising to teach sure fire traffic methods using face book and other platforms.

I spent well over $2000  on these only to find that they were so confusing that I couldn’t make them work and even though they advertised full support during the initial webinars  I was basically left on my own and got left behind  and some of these were limited time courses  so if you didn’t finish them  you automatically got booted out any way after 6 months or so.

One particular learning platform that I had done a free trial with a few years ago  come back in to my mind .It had no up sells and you could do the first part of the course for free and it had 7 days access to all of the site and you could post group messages that people responded to right away and gave help with out asking for anything in return.

At that time i just didn’t have any more money to waste on what I was doing and was going through a relationship break up . My oldest son also had a mental break down and moved back in with me so I did not follow through.

After getting back on my feet and my son  was OK and  went his own way and I was still  seeing  the odd random pay pal payment I started thinking about  starting up internet marketing again.

I asked my self what if I could find a group of like minded people  that would be able to help me with their knowledge ? What if they could teach me the proper methods of setting up my sites and getting traffic and in return I could help some of them back with what I have already learned?

Then I remembered i had already found such a group a couple of years earlier called Wealthy Affiliate .    A quick couple of google searches and I found them again . They still had the free courses which had all been updated and the member ship was still the same price.

Join Wealthy Affiliate and create your own Job

I have since joined their Premium  program which is half price for the first month and haven’t looked back. What I learnt in the first 7 days before going premium (and I only went on the site twice to start on the lessons) Was more than it had taken me 5 years to learn on my own.

If you would like to find out more about Wealthy Affiliate and create your own Job then   ==>CLICK HERE<==       for my personal review as I use it as my go to reference source for anything to do with internet marketing.

The friendly community of people  a Wealthy Affiliate are always there to give me help of a professional answer to any internet marketing question or hep with my websites .

If you enjoyed this article then please share it  with your friends on social media using the like buttons on this page.

Please  type in your own answers to my first 6 questions  in the comments below. I would love to hear some different opinions .

And feel free to ask any questions of your own and I will answer them.

About Andrew and how to start an on line business with no money

How to start an on line business with no money and become your own boss.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my site and what I have to offer to help you on  how to start an on line business with no money. Or at least a very minimum of start up costs.


My name is Andrew, I have mostly worked in industries where I have had to comply to company guidelines and work long hours for small pay and not knowing if the job will ever be permanent.I have also run my own very small businesses like handy man services and computer repairs mowing etc, but I was always trying to find work and doing PR and advertising that takes up a lot of my personal  time.

But I wanted to find something better to do with my time and to earn the money on line that my effort is worth.  I am also getting older and at 57 years of age and I wanted to find something less physically demanding than mowing over grown lawns .

Pushing a mower for a living at age 57 there must be an easier way to earn a living so i joined Wealthy Affiliates to learn how how to start an on line business with no moneyPhoto taken March 2018

Do you relate to this ? If you do then keep reading.

The Gurus Promise

When I started searching for  how to start an on line business with no money and other ways to make money on line with a limited budget I joined various “Guru” programs and platforms that promised me I would make $ millions with little to no effort .

Some of these did teach me a reasonable bit about on line marketing and I learned how to build websites, how to do on and off site SEO, how to write articles and much more. Also, a lot of the programs I joined were scams with various up-sells and having to pay to learn each step.

At the time they had such convincing stories and sales pitches and Promises I honestly believed their pitch in the above screen shot that I could start making money in three hours from starting with their system.

( I was very gullible back then  )
Most of these systems and sites I joined had a few things in common, they all wanted to get more money from me and never completely joined the dots.

Most of them had poor customer support “if any at all” some might reply to an email a week after I had asked a question and had already spent hours findinghow to start an on line business with no money the answer my self using search engines like google Bing ,Yahoo etc.


The main thing lacking in most of these courses was how to learn exactly how to start an on line business with no money or very little money. And I also wanted to learn how to get targeted traffic to a website. Some did teach free traffic methods but most of these were a bit shady and could also get your websites banned from google and other search engines.Some taught paid traffic methods as well but they were either too technical or used paid traffic from dubious websites that that only sent random visitors that just clicked off as soon as they landed as they were expecting something else.

Even the ones I thought were good traffic sources and I was getting lots of clicks on my site only sent me clicks from totally unrelated websites so as soon as people landed on my site they clicked back off as what I  was offering had nothing do do with what they were looking for. This ended up getting some of my websites penalized when the panda and penguin updates came in (I cant remember which came first).

An SEO beak through.

I  was lucky enough to be invited to a 3 day local website building and SEO business course through my local Gympie council. A group of local business people attended the three day seminar and the guest speaker was from an SEO company from Bunberburg QLD.

Local Business seminar about local websites and SEO and how to start an on line business with no money or a very tight budget.

After the last presentation there was a free lunch and time to talk to the guest speaker and network with other business owners.  Some of the business owners at the meeting joined their SEO  services but these were quite expensive.

As I had shown a lot of interest and asked a lot of questions during Seminar some of the smaller start up business owners approached me for free advice and I ended up with two clients that needed help with their websites.

At the seminar I took as many notes as possible on the work sheet we were given and started incorporating some of these idea’s into local websites I was working on at the time.

I did get efficient at building small websites for very small local businesses but all of the customers that hired me to build their websites  were once off’s. They were mainly small family businesses like painters  and electricians, mobile mechanics, artists the local Hotel and the like in a very small town of about 600 people  The deal was that I  basically built websites for these small business owners at a very cheap price as a learning curve for my web-site building and learning more about  implementing local SEO.

These small business owners only wanted them built as cheap as possible and wanted to be found in Google for local search terms. They also wanted me to  teach them the basics of up loading  images etc. After that they usually didn’t require any more services,  as they couldn’t afford on going SEO or periodic maintenance.

Here is one of my websites I built that is still going after 7 years with basically no maintenance and keeps bringing him in work week after week. I just set up re-occurring payments for his domain name and hosting. ( I still some times log in and tweak a few things for him about once a year but don’t get paid for it)

Just do a search for” painters and decorators Goomeri Queensland Australia “and it should come up on page one of google in the organic search results underneath  the listed paid advertisements from other companies.

(do this search and you will know i am a real person)

Also check out my old site that is still up but not making any me any  money lately as most small businesses have shifted over to Face book pages Total Business Website Solutions 

I can still be contacted through the email address on the site above site if you want more verification.

Getting back into Internet marketing

I decided that I wanted more than once off work and started concentrating again on building websites that I could earn a passive income from by affiliating with other products on my sites.

how to start an on line business with no money

Building out sites for small local businesses and getting them indexed in Google local searches is a lot easier than building profitable Affiliate marketing websites.

With Affiliate type websites you are trying to get the whole worlds attention to your website. So i needed to learn a whole lot more about building these types of websites and how to get targeted traffic to them. I was also broke at the time and was looking for different idea’s on how to start an on line business with no money.

I then stumbled across another affiliate marketing platform a few years ago called Wealthy Affiliate and did some free training, but at the time in my life I didn’t have the money to afford the full premium training,  so again I went back to doing my own thing making a little money along the way but not as much as my websites could be earning  if they had been properly set up.

I finally decided to join this platform again about 5 years later and so far I have not been disappointed as I  have learned more in the first 5 days than I did going it alone and trying to follow “GURUS” for the last 5 years.

When i joined Wealthy Affiliate for the second time I signed up for the premium version after 3 days because the training was so good and organized.  After upgrading to the premium version there were no up-sells- no annoying emails trying to sell me junk programs and no annoying phone calls .

I received inbox support from the top admins(Kyle and Carson) as soon as I logged in and also a welcome email from the person I joined through. You will also get emails from the person who introduced you to WA if you followed their link .

This is how you can get direct support from that person.(if you join from my links here you will get my personal support) and also support from  the owners of the website Kyle and Carson.

(You will get other emails from people replying to your forum posts and other members  who PM you .)

But you can easily turn this feature off in your members area control panel and check for these messages inside your membership dash board instead of them filling up your private email box.

Wealthy Affiliate has a great support team who helps with any problem with in hours if not minutes of you posting in live help. There is also live community support so if you have any questions as you are working on your site and training you can ask for help and most times you will get an answer directly to your questions.

There is also a 24/7/ 365day technical support for website problems. I will tell you more about this platform inside the main pages of my site.

Why am I helping  others that are struggling?

I have decided to set up this site to help other people who were like me who are struggling to make money on line and help them avoid the gurus and on line scammers and also teach them the correct and ethical way to start a proper on line business.

My research shows that a lot of people out there are wanting to know how to start an on line business with no money or with very little capital outlay.   There are a lot of people looking on the internet and doing searches with this exact search term for on line for work or ways of making money on the internet and it seems like a big percentage of these have a very low paying jobs  or have lost recently their job .

My main purpose of this site is to attract the attention those of you  who are still struggling and may also have been ripped off by the GURUS and set you the right path to success.

If you would like to  learn a bit more about wealthy affiliate then please check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review page

If you ever need a hand or have any questions about internet marketing and how to start an on line business with no money please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.